The Florist Pub
The Florist Pub

Current Rules

We would like to thank all our customers for your patience, understanding and support we have received during the last few months.

We would like to introduce measures we have prepared to help keep everyone as safe and as comfortable as possible. 

Please familiarise yourself with them before visiting our pub.

Face masks
It is now compulsory for customers to wear face coverings when not seated; this includes walking in or out and moving around premises.

Track & Trace
All customers are required to use NHS app and scan the QR code displayed upon the arrival on each visit. If you do not have a phone please let us know and we will record your details for you.

Table service only
Once you are seated a member of our staff will approach you to take your order and payment.
You can pay with cash, card or via contactless payments.

No more than 2 people allowed in at the same time.

Smoking area
No more than two people from the same group allowed outside in the same time,

No drinks allowed outside,
Do not block the entrance,
You must wear a face mask on your way there and back to your seat.

Beer garden
Our beer garden remains closed during unfavourable weather.

Please use hand sanitisers and hand wash as frequently as you need.

Health & Safety
We will be sanitising all the touch-points regularly, wiping tables before new customers arrive, carrying out toilet checks and monitoring all the facilities.
Please allow some extra time for the staff to carry out all the necessary procedures in between serving. 

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